Entrepreneurs, Founders, and CEOs:

"Embrace the struggle." - Ben Horowitz, a technology entrepreneur, investor, blogger, and author, in his insightful book, The Hard Things About Hard Things as well as here, on his blog. 

The struggle is real. As so many entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs know, building and running businesses isn't for the faint of heart.   

Syquil is being developed to help those that have taken the plunge, or even considering doing so, embrace the inevitable struggle. We intend to do so by curating and creating the most relevant information for entrepreneurs and startups and putting it in one place. We intend on creating tools and resources entrepreneurs can use to make their lives easier. And we intend on creating a community of innovators along the way.    

That said, as good entrepreneurs, we will use an iterative development process along the way to ensure we are actually delivering value to our users. So, shit may change along the way. 

We are looking for exquisite generators of content for all things relevant to entrepreneurs. This includes writers, bloggers, infographic designers, videographers, other entrepreneurs willing to share their experience with others, and everything in between. If you think you have something to add, please contact us

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